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Can a domain name really help you do all that??

Oh Yes!

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to this:

In April 2001, David Roche, the president of Hotels Reservations Network (HRN) paid $11,000,000.00 for a domain name. Many thought this was a crazy sum of money.

“Now we look back and think, what a bargain”, he said at a later interview with BBC. (Source: BBC News )

Why was $11 million a bargain price for a name?

Because by the end of the 1st Quarter of 2003 this domain name had helped the company increase revenue by 67.4% to $277.4 million from $165.7 million a year earlier. (Source: )

What was this domain name?

On March 25, 2002 HRN changed its name to and within one year the company had become the largest in its industry. Using its highly credible and memorable name, had dominated the hotel reservation industry. And in summer of 2003, USA Interactive (Expedia) acquired for $1.1 billion. (Source: Forbes )

This is a brilliant example of how a smart business can incorporate a premium domain name to build a strong, credible and memorable brand… and gain a large share of its industry.

This was nothing less than a genius strategy. Think about it. When Expedia was advertising for its hotel reservation service, they were essentially trying to link the name “Expedia” with “hotel reservation service” in our minds. At the same time, was doing a much better job at it. Connecting “hotels” with “” was as easy as 1 + 1. And their income report proved the brilliance of their strategy.

So if you want to book a hotel, which name sounds more credible, Expedia or If you answered, you’re correct!

And come to think of it…if Expedia didn't lose the domain name to HRN, it would have reaped the same rewards for a $11 million investment. But it did lose this opportunity. And ended up paying $1.1 billion to acquire (the company, not just the domain name).

Same goes for Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and other hotels too. Had any of these grabbed this domain name before HRN, it would be the industry leader of hotels. Alas! They missed out.

Would you rather be David Roche who grabbed for $11 million, brought in a massive return, and then sold the entire company for $1.1billion?
Or would you be who didn’t grab the domain name when it was available, and later paid $1.1 billion to buy the company?
...Or do you want to be like Hilton and the others who can do nothing but wonder why they didn’t grab the opportunity when it was at hand?

Here’s another example:

Bank of America invested $3,000,000.00 to grab in January 2000. And since January 2000 anyone who goes to lands in BOA’s website. Not Wachovia, not Chase, not HSBC or any other bank’s website. ( gets 768 organic unique visitors per month. That’s 768 organic unique visitors all the other banks are losing out on. Talk about competitive advantage).

So when Joe needs a loan (either for himself or his business), what’s the need-word in his mind? “Loans”.

And who has the easiest job to connect his need-word to their business? Bank of America. When it advertises as Smart investment made by Bank of America.

Suppose this was December 2000 and you were the CEO of a bank. If you wanted everyone who typed in “” on their web browsers to land on your bank’s website, would you have bought this premium domain name, or would you let BoA take all those leads?

And you know what? Grabbing premium names to build a solid brand isn’t really a unique concept. You may recall when businesses would try to get their phone numbers to match their industry. For example 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-CONTACTS, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, 1-800-BATTERY etc.

Businesses that used such numbers increased their brand’s memorability and boosted their response rates to advertising. As a matter of fact when businesses used these easy to remember phone numbers as their direct response tool in their advertising (TV, Print, Radio, Banners, etc.), they improved their response rates by 30-60%.

And now in the same way smart businesses are grabbing premium domain names to increase brand memorability, gain authority, increase advertising ROI, get more type-in-traffic, gain competitive advantage, and establish credibility...which helps them increase revenue.

Here are 50 companies who have invested in need-word domain names to benefit their businesses:

  1. 1800Contacts –,,,
  2. 1800Flowers –
  3. 1800Wheelchair –
  4. 21st Century Insurance –
  5. A&E Television Networks –
  6. A&W Concentrate Company –
  7. Abbott Labs –,
  8. ACH Food Companies –
  9. Adobe –,,
  10. Alcoa –
  11. Allianz –
  12. Amazon –,,
  13. American City Business Journals –
  14. American Express –,
  15. American Woodmark Corp. –
  16. Anderson Rentals –
  17. Anheuser-Busch –
  18. Ansaldo STS –
  19. Answers Corp. –
  20. AOL –,,,,,
  21. Apple –,,,,
  22. AstraZeneca –,,
  23. Atari –
  24. A.T. Cross –
  25. AT&T –,,
  1. Autobytel Inc –
  2. Aubuchon Hardware –
  3. Avis Budget –,
  4. Banco Popular –
  5. Bank of America –
  6. Barnes and Noble –,
  7. Bass Pro Shops –,,,
  8. Bayer –,,,,
  9. Berkshire Hathaway –
  10. Bissell –
  11. Bodog Media –
  12. Boeing –
  13. Bosch –
  14. Box, Inc. –
  15. Bridgestone –
  16. British Sky Broadcasting Group –
  17. Broadway –
  18. Brown Shoe Company –
  19. Bumble Bee Foods –
  20. Burlington Coat Factory –
  21. CA –
  22. Caesars Entertainment –
  23. Calvin Klein –,
  24. Campbell Soup Company –
  25. Cargill –

(Source: Domain Sherpa )

So how will the domain name benefit you?

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